Do you have anything for sale? Do you never get around to doing it through the traditional websites?

Well, we think so. And that's what inspired us to create myZings. An easygoing and mobile platform that does NOT requires take photos with a camera and download them to the computer, register in a web and fill in long and boring web forms.

myZings is a mobile app for iPhone and Android that let users create sale listings in seconds and share on Facebook or by e-mail (support for other platforms such as Twitter is on the way). But also is a message platform, so contact with a seller or with the buyer of your next sale is as easy as sending a text. And is an items browser, to find nice products near to you. All these things is myZings, free to download, without publication fees, ads nor comissions.

myZings has been created by Criteria Studio in Valencia (Spain). Powered with Appcelerator Titanium.